Tips for when you arrive to your deep sea fishing adventure in Cabo , Mexico.

PV Marlin is here to make our customers experiences in Cabo as enjoyable as possible. We have dedicated this page to assisting you with some tips for when you arrive to Cabo . If you would like to give us a call anytime during your stay in PV we will be happy to assist you in anyway we can. Just give us a call at our local number on the PV Marlin Sport fishing contact page and let us know your situation.

We can send a cab for you, assist in getting you a hotel that meets your required specifications, we can help you locate a nice restaurant, or an authentic and well priced restaurant, or help you out with any complications you may come across during your stay in Cabo . Our goal is to make your trip enjoyable and we know all the in’s and out’s of PV.

We want you to feel comfortable in our beautiful city.

Fishing is what we know best but Cabo has so much to offer we wish everyone could have the amazing opportunity to experience the beauty.

Relax, the people in Cabo are very friendly and eager to help.
Make sure you hold on to your customs declaration (If you are not a Mexican citizen) because you will need it for the return trip.
If you have not arranged for a ride to you destination, simply tell a cab where you are headed and they will get you there (10-15% tips for cab drivers is normal)
Once you arrive at your Cabo Mexico destination give us a call so we can arrange the details of the fishing charter.
Kick back, relax, enjoy the food and atmosphere and get ready for a good time.
If you are looking for nightlife let us know and we can direct you to disco’s, clubs, or restaurants that suit your needs.
Always remember, if you come across any difficulties or just need some info during your trip feel free to give us a call. We will do anything we can to help ya out.