A Few of Our Past Clients

Dave Namdar

Toby, thanks for the best fishing trip I have ever been on. Thanks for     the great experience and I will never forget that day. It goes down as     the best fishing trip I have been on and truly a memorable experience.     Please thank the captain and crew as they were amazing and i promise we will     be back.

email:  davidnamdar89@msn.com

Peter Lupo

You guys are awesome. The trip was unbelievable and truly one of the     best fishing charters I have ever done. I wanted a big tuna and you     guys made it happen, 383 lbs. The 650lb marlin was a sweet catch as     well. The crew was great, the food was good, and the fishing was     fantastic. Thanks guys

email: Peter.Lupo@cnb.com

Phillip Pearson

Felipe is one hell of a Captain and the crew is simply fantastic.     Thanks guys for an awesome trip. Toby, I want you to know that these     guys are amazing. It seemed that the fish were difficult to find     except that tuna well over 300lbs which I will never forget and that nice     sailfish, but I know fishing and these guys simply reeked of experience.     I will be back. P.S. Nice boat as well. Thanks a million.

mail: mailto:1960@cableone.net

Tana Davidson    Well the fishing was tough but the boat and the food was great. My     boyfriend knows when going big game it doesn’t always happen and he     explained that to me. He also explained that Felipe and Felipe Jr.     are top notch fishermen, he could tell. I had fun just catching the     bait. In any case, Felipe and Felipe Jr are awesome people and we are     coming back no matter what to try again. I know if anyone will find     the fish it will be you guys.

email:  Tanaluvsbuns@aol.com

Loreal Lewis    My husband and I had a superb time on your boat. Thanks so much     for everything! We had a great time out there, caught lots of fish and     the biggest ones and most beautiful we have ever caught and the guys we     amazing. Our fishing adventure really made our trip and we will be     back to do it again that is a promise.

email: catrac@aol.com

Patrick Burgess

My experience on your boat was great. I never imagined to be fighting     a fish for over two hours. Before this trip the biggest fish ever     caught was about 4 lbs. I thought it would be cool to give deep sea     fishing a try and now I am the one hooked. That was one of the most     exiting things I have ever done and you all made it so enjoyable!

email:    patrick.burgess@boombang.net

Mike Virgini:    I wanted Big tuna and man did you all deliver. You can see my photo on     the PV marlin site with 4 biggies and a marlin. Great crew! Great     Boat!

Alan Helio:    You guys helped me to get a fish of a lifetime. 862 lb Marlin works     for me. That was truly awesome and now my wife does not have to hear     me complain about getting a marlin anymore. A lifetime of fishing and     I finally got one (man did I). What a trophy. I guess I will     have to move on to a new species to convince my wife that I gotta go.

William Fallon:    I wanted to get some dorado and you guys got me dorado. Great time!     Then since you were open the next day I booked again and asked for tuna.     Sure enough two big tuna. As far as fishermen go, your crew is one of     the best I have seen and a nice boat as well. Thanks so much guys.

mail:  dp6fsh@aol.com

Walter Dorn

Thank you for your help. The guys had many freezer bags with them and they fillet the fish right on the boat and did put the meat in the cooler. They were prepared I could tell. The sushi was and is still great. The trip was great. Good crew and a great captain and good     fishing.

email:  waltdorn@shaw.ca

Angie Delfoni

Toby ,thanks for a great time! It was so fun to be out there in a nice     boat and the guys were amazing. They really were professional and I     know good people when I see them. The fishing was great to.     Thanks so much for the experience.

Nora Calvit

comment: We had a great time. The crew was fantastic and treated us with the     utmost respect even though we did not have the slightest idea what we were     doing. They did hook a sailfish for us but in our inexperience, we lost it.     then we hooked a jack kravach and I was able to bring it in. We had quite a     celebration about that. I would surely do it again and would recommend it to     friends.

usermail: Nora@glbt.com

Larry Swinhart

Toby..Sorry we were gone by the time you sent this..We are still in PV..went     fishing on 12/17..GREAT TIME,,GREAT CREW..My wife caught 10ft, 120lb     Sailfish..WOW!..Larry      swihart@mtaonline.net


Hi Toby,        We just got home to Colorado last night and I wanted to drop you a         line. We all had a blast last Saturday the 4th on our charter. Your         Captain, Phillipe and his son were very professional and were anxious to         make us happy, which they did completely. We caught nearly 20 fish and         had a blast. Your boat was great and very comfortable. Once again         thank you and we will be sure to recommend your services.

Kevin Mcpherso