Mexico Sport Fishing Questions

1. Is fishing tackle supplied?
Sure is. All our boats carry top of the line
Penn and Shimano outfits and plenty of tackle
to guarantee the best opportunity for
catching fish. If they are there we will get 
2. Can we fish for a specific species of fish?
Of course, just let us know what you would like
to fish for and we can try to make it happen.
Obviously we will let you know what you have
the best chance for.
3. Who do I complain to if I am unhappy with my fishing charter?
Just keep it to yourself because we don't like
complaints. Just kidding, in the rare case that
you need to complain just let toby or daniel know
your situation one of them is always around and
eager to help.

4. Can we practice catch and release?

Yes, in fact we really encourage it to maintain
the amazing Cabo San Lucas sport fishing grounds.

5. When is the best time to fish for marlin, tuna, sails, etc.

See our Fishing Calander or our archive of Cabo
Fishing Reports

6. Will you clean our fish for us?

Yes we will. We clean and package all your fish
for ya at the end of the day.

7. Does the crew speak english?

They sure do. They speak English very good. That’s
a joke for all those English majors out there.

8. When do I need to pay for my fishing charter?

We are not really stickler's on this one. You can
pay the day before, the morning you leave, or when
you get back from the trip.


9. How much should I tip the crew?

10% to 20% is customary.

10. How do we get our fish home?

If you like we can freeze your fish
for you. If you did not bring a cooler
you can buy one in Cabo, in fact we 
sell them. We can pack your fish in
the cooler ready to take home.

11. Can we get our fish mounted?

Its Cabo San Lucas you can do anything
you want (almost anyway). Of course just
let us know and we will call a recommended
taxidermist for you.

12. Is live bait supplied or is it extra?

We supply it at no additional charge.

13. Can I fish with my own tackle?

Of course, and we will always have extra
in the event of any faulty equipment.

14. Do I need a mexican fishing license?

Yes you do, but it is included in the
cost of your fishing charter.

 15. What type of fishing tackle is supplied?
Everything we have found necessary for
deep sea fishing and then some. We are
equipped with a plethora of trolling lures
along with, jigs, and plenty of hooks, sinkers, etc 
for live bait.

16. Can I reserve a certain captain or crew?

No problem. Just let us know who you would like
to fish with and we will make it happen. Don't
worry it won't hurt anyone's feelings.